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Big Flat Land! Bundy Canyon Rd

A big flat buildable piece of land, just what you’ve been looking for! Easy paved access on prominent Bundy Canyon Rd. From the acreage, you can drive west to I-15 or east to I-215 to get anywhere. Parcel is all usable. Easy to find, go take a look!

Are Prices On Land Increasing Yet? A Tale Of Three Cities

The most frequently asked question I get is this one: “Are prices on vacant land going up yet?”

Today, I will give you a glimpse of an answer to that question. As you may know, Land22 Real Estate sells land in all California counties. We have offices in Redding, Sacramento and Palm Springs. So just for fun let’s look at these three cities. To keep the playing field level, let’s investigate the same type of land – small lots less than one acre – in all of these cities..... click here for the rest of the blog post.