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Ranch Land in Topaz! Topaz Ln

Green pasture along the banks of the Walker River! This is the kind of choice agricultural parcel that is usually passed down through the generations and rarely becomes available to the public – and now it can be yours!

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Top 10 Sins in Photos Used to Market Land. Sin 8: Displaying Bad House Models or Architectural Plans

In my ongoing crusade to rid the world of bad marketing photos of land, I have noticed that some of the worst are bad images of architectural plans and models.

Top 10 Sins in Photos Used to Market Land. Sin 7: Photos are Blurry

In an effort to sell land, one of the most curious photographic sins is blurriness.  When I see fuzzy photos of land for sale, I always think “what the heck?”

Top 10 Sins in Photos Used to Market Land. Sin 6: Featuring Real Estate Signs in Photos

When I search for vacant land parcels for sale in real estate websites such as,, and the MLS  I often see photos of real estate SIGNS instead of photos of real estate.  

Court Strongly Reaffirms That No Prescriptive Easement Exists Where The Facts Demonstrate That...

In Windsor Pacific LLC v. Samwood Co. (January 30,2013, B233514) ___ Cal.App.4th ____, the Court of Appeal for the Second Appellate District held (1) that a prescriptive easement could not be established over two roads, where the facts in the case demonstrate that the party alleging the prescriptive use was equitably estopped from denying that its use of the roads was by permission; and (2) that a proceeding to interpret a written easement agreement in order to determine whether a party to the agreement is equitably estopped from claiming that its use of the subject property was permissive is an action to ‘enforce or interpret’ the agreement, for which an attorneys’ fees provision in the agreement applies, regardless of whether that interpretation was sought by the allegations of the complaint or by affirmative defenses in the answer.

Obama to Preserve California Federal Lands

President Barack Obama will expand the California Coastal National Monument to include the Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands, a White House official said Saturday.

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