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Reche Canyon 20 Acres! Vista Suelto Rd
Moreno Valley

Reche Canyon, beautiful 20 acres sits up high in the hills with great views. Secluded area of custom homes.

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You Can Buy Land on the Moon

This short documentary looks at Dennis Hope, a Nevada man who makes a living “selling” plots of land on the moon

Top 10 Sins in Photos Used to Market Land. Sin 10: Scary Images of Fabulous Water Views

That loud wailing sound you hear is not a Halloween ghost.  It’s just me, your friendly neighborhood land broker, looking through the MLS and seeing a parcel of land that probably has amazing water views but the marketing photos just don’t do it justice.


Top 10 Sins in Photos Used to Market Land. Sin 9: Bad Sky

When photographing land, the sky above is inevitably one quarter or more of the image. Good sky can help the land to appear at its best. Bad sky, on the other hand, casts a negative pallor on the land and says: “don’t buy me”.

Huge Banning Ranch Project a Few Blocks From the Ocean Faces New Obstacle

Banning Ranch is a scarred piece of land, an aging oil field strewn with abandoned wells and dirt roads.

Top 10 Sins in Photos Used to Market Land. Sin 8: Displaying Bad House Models or Architectural Plans

In my ongoing crusade to rid the world of bad marketing photos of land, I have noticed that some of the worst are bad images of architectural plans and models.
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